Bangkok à l’aube

L’ivoire du matin comme un voile en satin,
Repose sur les toits de la ville endormie
Que des oiseaux de jais pillent par colonie,
Dans un tiède silence au turgide câlin.

Les bouddhas aveuglés par leur riche destin,
Patronnent l’horizon de leur lente atrophie,
Que l’encens et les gongs couvrent de féérie,
Quand le soleil se plie à leur peau de calcin.

Le fleuve saigne l’or et les rives l’argent,
Comme si le ciel gris avait fondu la nuit
Dans un creuset de boue aux couleurs de serpent.

Imperceptiblement, les parfums de la mangue,
Glissent leur chair de feu et leur saveur de fruit,
A la bouche d’un jour fondant crû sous la langue.

Francis Etienne Sicard, Lettres de soie rouge, 2011

Visiting Chatuchak Weekend market

Chatuchak Market is a little like visiting Alibaba’s cave or le marché de Saint-Ouen bigger and with more diversity.

Local and tourist people are looking for some souvenir or some new puppy.

Kitchen tools, home Buddhism decorations, food, puppies, tee shirts, souvenirs.

After a few hours is too hot. It’s time to visit IconSiam the newest shopping mall I know.

Good surprise, because of king crowned ceremony they give a pass for today free access to MRT and BTS

Iconsiam, stylized as ICONSIAM, is a mixed-use development on the banks of the Chao Phraya River in Bangkok, Thailand. It includes a large shopping mall, which opened to the public on 10 November 2018, as well as hotels and residences. Wikipedia
Not easy for access you need to take a bus shuttle from Kring Thon Buri station It’s free but not on time.

Plan B

Take a Tuctuc 10 baths,same result.

Then cross the road and get in, floor one a food course with many choices floating market spirit, all is done for a good experience at really affordable price.


Then go back to rest after a long walk for some T-shirt.

In the meantime the king went out of the royal palace.

Bangkok days

In Bangkok, there are many things to do, but today you cannot do a lot because of the high temperature.

In the hot season, small tour in the morning, walking in one of the biggest shopping malls in the day .

Evening Thai massage, or foot massage after a long day.

In this end of the evening the refresh in a swimming pool.

At night take a drink with friends, then enjoy the Bangkok nightlife street food and more.

Last Saturday it was the beginning of

King Maha Vajiralongkorn coronation ceremony the cost has been 28 million euros for these three single days.

It was a day of parades, Buddhist chanting, Hindu and Brahmins rituals. Its first coronation in seven decades and Thailand turn Yellow.