My blind spot and other things

• I don’t really have developed my Thinking preference, I may jump from insight to insight, never analyzing me with a critical eye or integrating me into a whole. So now I share my thoughts.

• If I rely too much on my Thinking, I may overlook what I and others care about. I may decide that something is not important just because it isn’t logical to care about it. Now I try to let people talking, try to understand other ways.

• I have not developed strongly my Intuition preference, I may have no reliable way of taking in information and may become immersed in my internal logical systems. Then I find it difficult to communicate or act on my ideas. So I’m big enough to share this too do something better.

• Also, I’m in danger of gaining too little knowledge and experience of the world. If so, my thinking will be done in a vacuum and nothing may come of my ideas.

• I want to state the truth precisely, but sometimes I make it so complicated that not everyone can follow me.

• I often find it hard to express appreciation, which can cause difficulties in my work or personal relationships.

It’s not completely me, just what I not aware all the time. I guess you know your’s blinds spots, if not a good idea is to think about it.

Sometimes I’m stress because of my natural skepticism leads me to doubt or question many statements or ideas until I can be convinced of their logical consistency.

My doubt today is why so many people spent time to be the one rather to work in peace, I love to spend time creating models of or forming theories, today I’m thinking about why you are thinking you get the best solution alone. I think with tools cloud and kindness, checkers movers and workers quick don’t need anymore to be dirty 🙂 be inspired and enjoyed. Enchain your work to be free.

Thanks for following this week.

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